Tuesday, January 06, 2009


How appropriate to my life that I should spend the first days of a new year sick! Every time I reach a certain level of sleep deprivation - bam! - I get a sinus infection. It hasn't failed yet... And although the past couple of weeks were great, I'm paying for them now. Bleck. :(

I've been taking some Mucinex and some Trimox every morning, but I learned this afternoon that I was only taking about 1/4 of the dose of Trimox that I need to get well... and about 1/2 the dose of Mucinex that would be therapeutic. Good to know! (Better late than never, I guess.)

Am I one to learn from experience? In many cases, yes. In this case, for some reason, decidedly no. Case in point: Sleep deprivation caused this very bug and yet, here I am, at 11:30 PM, blogging about sleep deprivation!

I'm just too much of a night owl.

My headache and I are going to bed now.

(Graphic courtesy of John Rydholm, Jr.)

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