Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Embarking upon the remnant of teenagehood...

Well, I'm now officially 19, even though I've FELT like I was 19 for awhile now. ;) I'm in between those magical ages of 18 and 21. :P I had a very nice birthday yesterday... beginning with breakfast-in-bed! :D In the morning, I went over to Britt's house to drop off her candy, flowers, and gift. Rose came with me and we stayed until 1 o'clock!!! In the afternoon, I opened my birthday package from my Irish friends and from Brittany. Then Rose and I practiced some dancing. About 3 o'clock, Britt and Chris came over and we showed them line-dancing, Irish dancing and then began teaching them the Cotton-Eyed Joe as well as the fox-trot and swing. Britt worked at 6 so they could only stay 'til 5:30. We got pizza for dinner and I opened my presents from the family. Pretty much the rest of the evening was spent first saying the Rosary and then on the phone. I talked to my grandparents for awhile and then to Christine for a couple of hours.

I got a very nice digital camera for my birthday (I'd practically stolen my mom's until then :P) - an Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom. It's 7.1 MegaPixels and I got a 1 GB memory stick in addition to it!!! :D You can guess what I've been doing a lot of ever since. You got it!!! ...taking pictures! :) :) I'm having fun experimenting with all the controls and stuff. It's really, really awesome!!!!!! Soooo... I'll be posting photos on the blog whenever I get shots that are worth sharing. ;)

Mom and I - on my birthday! :D

Some little baby barn swallows under our back deck...

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