Friday, August 05, 2005

What news?

Hm? Huh? Somebody ask for news?? Mm, I didn't think so... Well, here ya have it anyway! :D

I got a belated birthday package today from friends in New York State - very pretty earrings and bracelet!! I also got another birthday card from Texas... I'm celebrating the octave of my birthday, you see. ;) I've gotten a birthday something everyday for the past five days! :D I like it that way. :) So yeah... then I messed around on the internet, talked with a friend in Wisconsin and let Rose do my hair. I ironed my Sunday clothes... in the afternoon, Rose and I practiced Irish dancing and then I did a fair amount of scrapbooking. I'm still trying to finish a project I started two years ago!! Hey, you've gotta admit - at least I'm trying! :D I got the better part of 3 full pages completed.

Joey served Rosary and First Friday Exposition so Rose and I went to that. Afterwards, we did a little more Irish dancing. Then, Mom and Dad brought us home fish'n'chips from Tully's for dinner (this is becoming a Friday tradition! :))... in the evening, we sat in the front room and read through a potential script for RMP. It sounds good... should be pretty funny. :D I worked some more on my scrapbook, took some pictures with my baby (my camera, for you uninitiated ;))... and that was about it.

Like I said, what news? ;)

Talk to ya later, folks!

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Anonymous said...

love the picture... I seriously think you should think about going into business or something!
your blog is a lot of fun to look at/read.:) Britt