Thursday, August 18, 2005

Joey's 16th Birthday!!

Today (now, yesterday) was my brother's sixteenth birthday! :O He's taller than me now. *sob* .....j/k about the 'sob' ;) ..... it feels normal for a brother to be taller than his sister - even if he is three years my junior..... Anyhow, rather than tell in great and boring detail how the day went, I will give you a photographic tour. :D So here we are, the morning of August 17, 2005...

Joey, playing his guitar, on the deck stairs:

These are a couple of portrait shots I was experimenting with... I really like how they turned out:

After lunch, we went to Topeka:

Where Joey picked out a new guitar for his birthday:

I don't know the specs on it but I do know that it sounds really nice and is a NICE guitar. He also got an amp and a hard-shell case for the guitar...

After running a couple of other errands, we went to Pepe'n'Chela's for an early dinner - about 4:30:

Joey, with a slow shutter:

Rose and Dad:

Mom, awaiting dinner:

Some silliness before food arrived:

And then the meal progressed thus:

These two ravenous children were 'skinny' before eating...

They ate...

And were full...

:D *lol* :D

There was a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe overlooking the restaurant:

You'd think they were twins: ;)

Cool Dudes:

And, yes, this is myself: :D

Good meal... good moods:

Back at home, Joey enjoyed his birthday presents:



Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Great pix! Rose and Joey are just too much- they're hams.:P I really like the one of Joey's reflection on his guitar(it took me a few minutes to figure out that it was his reflection and not HIM inside his guitar-hehe). Keep up the good work! Britt

Sara Jane III said...

hey, some queer and otherwise entertaining pictures! Ya know, Rose and Joey look WAY too much alike! especially the goofy ones. :D

Sara Jane III said...
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