Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More Photos! :D

Last night was the farewell gathering for Frs. Pazat and Fox. It was in the Auditorium and lasted from 7 until nearly 10. There were hundreds of people there... I think it's safe to say that there were in excess of 1000 people there!!! I'm glad there was such a good turn-out. Rose and I hung out with Brittany for the duration of the evening. We "kidnapped" her little (second) cousin Adelaide and went on a walk with her. She's such a cutie!!! Anyhow, here are some pics. :)

Rose and Brittany swinging Adelaide between them. She LOVED it! :D

Rose, Adelaide, and Brittany on the wall that separates the Immaculata from the Quad...

Sunset over the buildings... it was really warm and humid but it sure looks nice! :D

I had to post this one... this is two nephews with their aunt!! :) She's practically the same age as her niece (their older sister)!

A view of part of the Auditorium... by this point, a good number of people had spilled outside to get some fresh air and to make room for others.

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Will said...

hey monica, that sunset picture is great...