Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Story of the Day

Well, the story of the day in my little life is that one of the many barn swallows that have been nesting around our porch and deck got into the house this morning.

The poor little bird was SO scared (8ball barking frantically at it didn't help!) but it could NOT find the way back outside.
Mom used a broom to keep it from going upstairs and to try to get it to fly back through the open door... with very little luck.
The poor birdie, nearly exhaused, paused for rest on the ceiling fans. He bonked his head on the family room fan before we turned it off... he flew crooked for a little while but there was no blood. ;)
Mom eventually got the all-purpose fishing net out (in addition to fish, it's been useful in snaring bats and birds) and actively chased the barn swallow around. Good cardiovascular exercise! :P The real motive was not wanting the bird to thoroughly dirty the kitchen and living room in its fright... *ahem* ...yeah
Having captured the bird, she carried it in the net out to the deck where she released it... It seemed very happy to be back in nature and fluttered off in no time flat.
Afterwards, there was clean-up.
That all caused a bit of a stir this morning but all's well that ends. ;) So all's well.



MrsDoc said...

Very well-told story, but you left out St. Anthony! I am sure that my dear saint helped get the bird to go in the other room and plop up on that windowsill. I would be chasing him around the ceiling if it weren't for that!!

Monnie said...

That's right! I'm sorry - it completely slipped my mind! :/

Rosalie said...


LOL!! Those pictures are hilarious! :D Especially the last one, Mom!!

See how much goes on whenever one goes on retreat? ;)