Thursday, August 04, 2005

Say "Cheese!"

This afternoon, my brother had an eye appointment to remove a cyst/sty combo that has been growing under his right eyelid. (ICK!!) Rose and I went along for the ride although it ended up taking much longer than we thought it would. We sat in the eye doctor's lobby for a good 90 minutes! Afterwards, we went and got a couple of absolutely scrumptious strawberry hand-scooped shakes from Hardee's - YUMMY!!!!!!! The next stop was Hillsdale Park - just a small neighborhood park in Topeka - we had a lot of fun with my new camera, even though it was hot out (hovering about 100)... Final stop was Walmart where I tried using my memory card on their photo machines with awesome results. I was pretty happy with the quality of pictures I was able to get. :D :D

Here're some pics~

This one is just to show how my camera will cooperate in making pictures look professional. :P Note the blurred background behind the spider on the limb of the tree... pretty sweet! :)

Here I am up in a tree. :D

Rosie, laughing!

The two of us together...

Mom, Rose, and Joey... unfortunately, the sun kind of got in the lens on this one or something - it got kind of bleachy. :/


William the Bloody Bad Poet said...

You have a nice family. In fact you remind me of some Dutch friends I have.

William the Bloody Bad Poet said...

I put a picture up of one of my little sisters. I have six. On my blog, I just have the littlest one, very cute.