Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Academic Act and the Start of Another School Year!

We had a Solemn High Mass this morning to start the school year out on the right foot. That was at 8 am and just packed with students even though only 7th through 12th and the college were required to attend. Afterwards, there were still about 40 minutes before the Academic Act began at 10:30 so a group of us just stood outside and talked for awhile...
Fr. Griego gave a good talk during the Academic Act - all about how we are Crusaders and we must fight for Christ the King. We must wage war on the spiritual enemy and always stand guard so he doesn't sneak in and catch us unawares. Viva Christo Rey!
Then there were the awards from last year's Spring Semester to be handed out. I got a 3.59 GPA which landed me on the Dean's List, plus I got perfect attendance. I was the only person to get both! :O Rose got on the Honor Roll to her surprise. ;)
It was all over by about 11:30...

In the afternoon, I ran some errands and went by the school to put my notebooks in my locker - about 2:30. That's when I noticed that I was supposed to have seen Dr. Berfanger at 1:45! So I went up to her office and met Johnny Mac up there. We talked for a few minutes until she showed up. She had to take care of an emergency involving the ordering of more Latin books *lol* and then was able to see us. I'll be taking 17 credits this semester but they'll take 19 hours a week. Tuesdays will be my worst day but Mondays should be pretty nice. Wednesdays, too - I only have one class on Wednesdays!! :D

This evening, I babysat from 6 to 8... the kids were fairly good; a little tired but all things considered, they were good.

So long for now!
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MrsDoc said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your awards for your hard work last year -- and God bless your Second Year, Monnie! Love & Prayers, Mom

MrsDoc said...

...and the crowd chanted, "We want photos!"