Sunday, September 18, 2005

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Okay, it's high time that I updated with something of substance. :)
Fortunately, this week has been pretty light on the babysitting... only 11 hours in total, I think. Classes began in earnest on Monday (the 12th). I'm taking 17 credits (requiring 19 hours a week)... Physical Science, Theology, Latin, History, Ethics, and Liturgy. So far, so good. Most of the classes are reasonably interesting (it's amazing how much it helps to pay attention! :P) and we haven't gotten inundated with homework and tests and papers YET.

The Drama Club met for the first time this year on Wednesday afternoon. This fall, the college will be presenting Sophocles' "Antigone" .... McCabe Theater, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Be there. ;) On Wednesday, Mrs. Keith went over the plot with us and described the characters (how they should come across in the play) and discussed the theme. There was a pretty small turnout because I think a lot of people are holding out for the Spring play - Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." :) Those of us that were there took the sheets for auditions and promised to round up as many others as we could.
On Friday night, I felt like doing SOMETHING social, so I called up to the dorm and got Dave who handed me to Nick, so I talked to him to see if anything was in the offing. He said that there was volleyball at the park at 7 (I had called him about 7:10) and Dave was going to that. I don't typically play volleyball and said so and eventually, we decided on meeting at the park and going on a walk. I dragged Rose along with me ;) and we went on a nice long walk. I don't know how far it was mileage-wise but it was 30+ blocks. We had good company and good conversation. We walked for about 2 hours and took some pictures around campus in the dark. Rose and I got back to the park about 9:30. I sat and talked with Sarah and Desiree until they started playing volleyball too. I took a bunch of pictures. :) They played quite a few games. It was enjoyable to watch because quite a few of the players were really good and knew exactly what they were doing. That went on until about 10:30. We gave Marianne, Sarah and Desiree a ride back to the dorm and then headed home. . . .

Yesterday morning, Rose asked if I'd take some of her senior pictures. I already knew that she wanted me to but the day was so gorgeous and all that we decided to "carpe diem!" :) So after a few delays, we took some photos in the backyard, in the house and then headed down to Riverside Park to shoot some there. I took several poses in the Gazebo-performing-arts-thingie that's there and then on a park bench, next to a tree and in the sand. Happily, a number of them turned out really nicely. It will be hard to do the necessary process of elimination when the time comes!

...Saturday afternoon were the auditions for "Antigone." I didn't do as well as I would've liked on the Ismene and Antigone parts - I kind of froze up. :( But I did alright on the audition for Eurydice and I'd be decently satisfied with that part :) ...a lot less memorizing involved than in the other two parts!! We'll find out early this week who got cast for what. Annie, Ben and Dave all did really awesome acting jobs!! They'll probably get the main roles... at least, I think they should and hope they will. The first read-through/rehearsal is this Wednesday.

After auditions, I was home for a couple of hours and then Rose and I went and babysat from 6:30 pm til 12:15 am!! That went alright. After the kids went to bed, Rose and I had a good talk and I got some Physical Science homework done (yeah, try doing Physical Science at 11:45 pm!! :O ;))... I got to bed about 1 am. Consequently (and also because I'm a sound sleeper), I didn't hear one little bit of the tremendous storm that followed! If stories are to be believed, ;) we got practically torrential rain, lightning and thunder, hail, high winds, etc. When I left the house this morning, I was surprised to see the ground wet and figured it must've rained. Little did I know! ;) We lost the power about 4 am, I guess, and so my alarm did not go off at 7:20. I managed, however, to get to the 9 am Mass with 4 minutes to spare. ;)

That's all that has been up lately. Looking ahead, Mom and Dad and Lindsey are leaving for 10 days in Ireland on the 21st. The same day, I'll be recording a presentation of the new Math books for Fr. Harber. If I got a part in the play, that will be the day of the first read-through as well... even if I don't get a part, that will still be the day for the first read-through! ;)

And that, my friends, concludes this week's presentation of the news according to MaMoThCa! :D Thank you for reading and be sure to check back soon... or go look at my other blogs. :)

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L. said...

Hey, blog Queen! Great post. I hope you get the part of Eurydice! I'm sure you'll let us know.

Yes, the trip to Ireland looms and I am totally unprepared. I like it better that way! ;) Easier to enjoy.

We'd all like to see more pics of Rose, too, I'm sure.
More pix! More pix! As mom would say. ;)


Rosalie said...


Wow, Monnie, that's a great update of things! But heeeyyy, you weren't supposed to show any pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o :o

Just kidding. ;) Yep, that was interesting, taking all those "grad pix" in Sept.! And the walk in the park was fun.

How you ever missed that huge storm last night I don't know! It woke me two or three times! :-\

Lindsey, that's funny how you say you're "totally unprepared" for Ireland -- this morning Dad was upstairs for a few minutes (well, roughly speaking ;)) and came down and said, "I'm packed for Ireland!!" :D I think he was joking... but you never know!

Nice post, again, Monnie! I think I might steal it for my blog. ;)


Christalin said...

I LOVE the pics of Rose! Good you both! :)