Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Good morning!
Today is Labor Day and I have had quite an active weekend so far. Read on! :D

On Friday afternoon, I went up to the school to take the retreat group picture at the end of the Girls' Retreat with Fr. Tague. Then I kinda helped Rose pack up and brought her home with me (much talking ensued! :D). Immediately thereafter, I had to rush out to babysit - I was late. I babysat 3 kids (ages 1, 3 and 5) from 6 until midnight. I got home about 12:15 but didn't get to bed until 1:30...

Saturday morning, I rose at 7:45 and got ready to leave for the Irish Fest in Kansas City at 8:40. Well, as things went, we didn't leave until a quarter to 10!! Mom, Rose and Joey had gone to 7:30 Mass which turned out being a Solemn High Mass with a sermon for the feast of St. Pius X! So that got out later than they thought it would. Afterwards, they learned that Gockel's had burned down so, on the way to get the mail, they were among the many curious passers-by who stopped to watch for a bit. Then Rose had to eat breakfast and we had to gather the things that we were taking to Lindsey. We went by and picked up Brittany and Christa, went by Gockel's one more time and were finally on our way out of town! *whew*
In Topeka, we picked up Lisa - a penpal of Rose's whom we'd never met. We reached the Festival a few minutes after noon. It was a lot of fun, thanks to the good company we were in. :D
We walked around the tents selling things for a little bit, got some (expensive!) lunch and then headed over to watch the Feis that was going on in the hotel next store. That was pretty neat even though we couldn't see the dancers' feet too well. We had to guess what was being done down there! ;) We walked through "the Link" - a glass-covered sidewalk which crosses at least two streets to connect Crown Center with Union Station. It was really hot in there (green-house effect and all) but FUN!! We wandered aimlessly for a little while after that until we came upon Ellis Island playing inside Crown Center. It was very crowded because of the air-conditioning so our view was soon obstructed. Britt and I went to check out a 75% off sale at Casual Corner which was very nearby and were soon joined by Rose and Lindsey (whom we had met there), shortly followed by Christa and Lisa. Linds left and we got really goofy and forgot all about human respect!! :P We went to get something to drink and met up with Linds and Mike. Rose left with them to help take the bike we'd brought to KC for Linds to the Angelus.
Sadly, on the way, they saw a car accident occur in which a little girl of about 7 years got hit by a flying tire. She was rushed off to the trauma center and, on their return, Rose and Mike gave eye-witness accounts to the police. Meanwhile, the rest of us were unaware of what had happened so we were watching the Cottars (VERY good performance! What talent!!) and wondering all the while what was taking Rose so long to join us. It was all rather bizarre - the day starting with the fire at Gockel's and ending with the witnessing of this car wreck.
We said our rosary on the way home, dropped Lisa off in Topeka, Britt and Chris at their home and arrived home by 9:30 pm.

Yesterday, we all went to the 9 am Mass which Joey was thurifer for... Mass was said by Fr. Griego and there was a very good sermon on pride and obedience to superiors and things like that. There was recording in the afternoon for St. Magnus, RMP's next production. Rose and I went up to the Fall Festival about 2:45, staying until 6. There were a fair number of people there and I got to see a couple of old friends again who are back for the school year.
At home again, I changed clothes, fixed my hair, ate dinner and was off again to the square dance. I do believe this square dance marks an historic first!! At the beginning, there were ACTUALLY more guys than girls!!!! :O :O That just NEVER happens... and of course, it didn't last too long because by the end, it was quite the opposite once again. Happily though, a lot of people showed up. My estimate is that there were 85-90 people there. It was the biggest turn-out I've seen in the four dances I've been to. I danced 8 out of 9 dances (which, since there are 2 songs per dance, is really more like 16 out of 18 dances). Oooo, were my feet sore afterwards!! But I had a very good time so it was worth it! :D

I think today will be spent catching up at home, cleaning my room and preparing for the school year which begins tomorrow! I'll try to keep updating but often it happens that when there's news, I'm too busy to write and when I have the time, there's nothing to relate! We'll see....

Thanks for reading and come back soon! :D

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