Saturday, September 03, 2005

The News!

The local news on this fine First Saturday is that there was a fire at Gockel's during the night!!!!!!!! :O :O :O Bertrand is blocked off and firetrucks are all over down there.... I haven't seen it myself yet but apparently the roof and windows are all missing though the stone edifice remains standing. According to the source, none of the adjacent buildings were thought to be harmed.

But WOW!! It never ever occurred to me that Gockel's would burn down...... I think this is good news. :P

(By way of explanation, I mean absolutely NOTHING malicious in saying that it's good news! I realize that a significant loss of property is involved, but thankfully - as far as I know - no one was heard. The problem with Gockel's was that it was never improved. It was often dirty and its frozen goods were almost always freezer-burned. In addition, it had a somewhat immoral atmosphere and some of the help was less than helpful. Hopefully, a new grocery store will be cleaner, in more ways than one. I'm sorry if I scandalized anyone by saying the fire was good news! :/)


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