Wednesday, September 28, 2005

*runs out of creative titles for blog entries* :P

Howdy, all!
How are you? (That would be rhetorical. :) I hope everyone is doing just great!! :D) I'm doing well.
I'm trying to catch up on my posting here, since I had a lot of trouble getting the pictures in the previous post to work and because I had to do it in my spare time, it took days... so here we go! :D

On Sunday, Rose and I went to the 9 am Mass and Joey went to the 11. Fr. Goettler said the 9 and gave a really good sermon on the meaning of St. Michael's name... beyond just the simple etymology of it. That afternoon, it was beautiful weather so we decided to try to get some people together to go to the park. Sadly, Adam and Christa and Dave all had studying to do and could not come. However, Nick, Jozef and Sarah Brown were up for the outing and so we went! Rose made YUMMY chocolate chip cookies (some of which we took to Christa since she couldn't come) and put some milk in a thermos-type jug. We picked up Nick, Jozef and Sarah at school and then we were off to Wamego! :) It was a lot of fun just acting like little kids again (although some were more reluctant than others to have fun). We played on the slide and swang on the swings and ate cookies with milk while sitting next to the pond. The weather was a little on the too-warm side but it was really nice in the shade. Afterwards, we went by Dyer's and picked up dinner supplies for a pre-volleyball picnic at Riverside Park. :D
Back at the house, Rose, Sarah and I worked simultaneously to fix as quickly as possible a supper of cheddarwurst sausages, potatoes with cheesy sause, scrambled eggs, French bread, and virgin piƱa coladas. 45 minutes later we were packed up and on the way to the park. There was something SO fun about preparing a picnic dinner spur of the moment like that!!!! I don't know why, but it felt like something of a festive occasion and good company was the icing on the cake!!! :) Then reality came back into play and we had to pack up and go home since it was 8 pm on a school night. But that was SO enjoyable and I hope we'll be able to do it again sometime!! It was really a pity Adam, Dave and Christa couldn't be there. :(

Monday, the school week started anew. I don't recall anything particularly outstanding happening. I had Physical Science, Latin and History. That night, I worked from 6 to 11, babysitting.

Yesterday was a very busy day. I had a Physical Science lab, Theology, Latin, History and Ethics. After school, I took some pictures for a friend of mine (always enjoyable :D), came by the house for about an hour and then was on my way to babysit again. I had invited Chris and Adam to come out and visit if they wanted to since they didn't have homework and Adam didn't have to work. I was OVERJOYED to get a call from Chris about 6:45 asking if they could come out a little after 8!!!!!!! With only a couple of speed bumps, I got Anna and Dominic in bed by 8 and Adelaide laid down on the couch.
Adam and Chris arrived at 8:30 and we looked at pictures on my computer for a good 90 minutes or so. Doesn't sound THAT fun perhaps, but it completely made my evening!!!!!!!!! (Thanks SO much, both of you, for 'visiting the imprisoned.' :P) Two hours go by awfully fast when you're enjoying yourself! They left about 10:20. I was out there until 11:30 but it wasn't bad at all. Instead of 3 dark and quiet hours spent trying to stay awake and get some homework done, I only had one hour alone. God bless them for coming! :) Hopefully, it will be possible again sometime.

Then... today.... easy day as school goes. I only had Liturgy and we managed to get Father off on a tangent for 30 minutes! :D After that, I took pictures of a camera a friend is going to try to sell on eBay. Then I did some dishes and ate lunch. This afternoon is play practice for "Antigone." I'm planning on making "Mamie's" for dinner (YUMMMM!!!!) since it's a kind of chilly day. This evening, there's recording for St. Magnus.
There was a bit of out-of-the-ordinary-ness at school today. Jim went home today. :( He had been sick and just wanted to go home, I guess. Things'll sure be different without him. Rebecca left today, as well. Her mom got really sick suddenly and they're not sure if she'll live so Rebecca drove out this morning at 4:30 am (as I'm told). She won't be returning. So the class is getting smaller all the time. :/ We're down to 24 sophomores, I think.

As the cartoons used to always finish, "That's All, Folks!" :)
Until next time~
Take care and God bless. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment!! :D


Christalin said...

VERY interesting Monnie!!!! I really liked it!!! I wish Adam,Dave,and I could have gone with you on sounds like it was sooooo fun!!!
Adam and I are planning on visiting you again at work tomorrow night (Thursday),so be prepared! Last night was so much fun! I could look at pictures for HOURS!!! I love it! The only bad thing about it is that now I REALLY want a digital camera! :D
Have a nice evening,and I hope your play practice goes well! bye!

Monnie said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! *claps hands* You're really gonna come again?! I'm actually looking forward to work now! ;)