Sunday, October 09, 2005

1000+ hits

I only just now noticed that the blog is now over 1000 hits!!!!!!!! :D
Cool. :)
Thanks, everyone, for visiting!!! Check back often and remember that you're more than welcome to comment. :)
God bless~


Sara Jane III said...

isn't it kind of ironic that when you tell people to comment, they never do? hey, we'll try not to crowd you. love, Me

MrsDoc said...

1,000 hits? Aren't you feeling beat-up?

L. said...

Batting...!? ;)

Christalin said...

That is great,Monnie!!! Rose and I still beat you!!! :P No,I am jk,good job!!! :)

Monnie said...

hey! That's because you've got your fan club and Rose's combined coming to visit your blog! ;) I only have little ol' me. :P

Adam said...

That's great, monnie! I hope that you continue to do as well with your's a great way to let people know what you've been up to!