Monday, October 31, 2005

My Weekend! :)

Okay, lots of pictures in this post, so I uploaded them small-sized. If you want to see them better, just click on them. :) Enjoy! :D

Hmm...... I don't remember too well what all happened on Friday. I don't think it was a very eventful day as school goes. Just the usual. Fish for dinner and Rosary at the cemetery. The painting on our house progressed. I really like the front door being green now, instead of brown like it was. :) Looks homey, doesn't it? :D Joey was really glad it was Friday, I guess. :P Actually, we all were! He just expressed it for the rest of us by jumping over the little bush in the front yard. ;) In the evening, Rose and I dropped by the Mionis and then went to the clinic to do photo-copying and stuff like that. About 9 o'clock, the phone rang and it was Brittany!!!!!! How exciting! ;) I talked to her for a solid two hours. :D It was really, really good to catch up with her... we took so long talking though, that Rose abandoned me :P and said to call when I needed a ride home. Well, when 11 o'clock came around and I hadn't called yet, Mom, Rose, Joey and 8ball came down to see what was up. :) So I had to go, but she promised to call again before her All Saints' vacation was up. :)

Early (!) on Saturday morning, Rose and Mom left for Kansas City for Mass and Rose's choir practice for the wedding she's singing in on November 19. While they were gone, I cleaned up in the kitchen, baked a cake (*ahem* ....yeah.... it was a mix) and frosted it. I spent about an hour and a half up at McCabe, cleaning up a little and taking pictures of set preparation. The sets are going to look really nice!! This is Julianna, Annie and I: Primer-ing the flats... That afternoon, Adam and Christa came over to help make pizza for a pizza (and part birthday) party that we were having later... They were a GREAT help! I couldn't have gotten it all done without them; that's a fact!!!!! (Thank you, both, so much!! :D) We made six pizzas in all.... homemade crusts and all. Yummy! :P Teamwork! ;) While waiting for everyone to arrive from the last college soccer game of the season, we took a minute to relax........ although... Rose doesn't look like she's enjoying that pipe too much!! :D We did a little bit of casual dancing and watched some Riverdance (in the meantime, Michelle had arrived and joined us in the fun. :)) ...At last, the other six showed up and dinner was soon started. People hadn't saved QUITE enough room, :) so six pizzas was a couple too many... but leftovers are really good so nobody minded. :) We said the Rosary at Sean's grave and then retired with the candy and the musical instruments :) to the basement, so Mom and Dad could watch a movie upstairs. Matt, Dave, Adam (and later Joey) entertained us on the violin, drum and guitar. It was a very enjoyable evening. 8ball got lots of attention. :P Joey playing... (after getting back from a skeet shoot). Toward the end of the evening, we went back upstairs for carrot cake and vanilla ice cream. Sarah was the birthday girl!! :D The party broke up about a quarter to 11, with half of our guests opting to walk back to the dorm and the others driving the vehicles which had been brought. :) It was an unseasonably beautiful evening... and the night in which we all fell back an hour. Dave had asked if I'd help with chalk drawings for the Christ the King procession the next day, so I went to bed relatively early so I could get up for the 6 o'clock Mass...

Sunday came all too quickly. I got up at 5 (which fortunately still felt like 6 :D) and went to the 6 am Mass. It was amazingly full - even people standing!! - but that was because there were only three Masses instead of the usual five. Fr. Asher said Mass and his sermon on the kingship of Christ was very good! Afterwards, I met up with Jozef, Dave and Nick and we set out with only fifteen pieces of sidewalk chalk to decorate the whole route the Procession would take. Nick's masterpiece took quite some doing, I think, but it turned out VERY nicely! However, we left him behind because we had lots more yet to do. If we didn't have a lot of creativity (blame it on the early hours! ;)), we did have teamwork and the drawing went quickly. This one was done by Dave and myself in front of the only altar on the route... Dave and Jozef working together... must've been pretty funny to see us rather-nicely-dressed 'vandals' going around drawing on the streets early Sunday morning!! :P I think Dave must've been licking his fingers or inhaling the chalk dust or something, because things got pretty hilarious there for awhile. :D I found it pretty humorous when Jozef and I had to stand guard on Highway 24/Bertrand so that Dave could quickly sketch a cross in the middle of the road! :) Fortunately, traffic was light. :D
The Sisters with help from some of the high school girls had prepared some fantastic saw-dust artwork!!! We got done with the chalk drawings about 9 am, so we went over to Froggy's to get coffee and a small breakfast. We sat down at a booth with Will and Larry. But then we decided that it would take too long to wait for service and we had to meet Mr. K at 9:30, so we left again... we talked with him and he told us what we needed to do with the Eucharistic Crusaders and stuff like that. On the way back to Froggy's, we met up with Michelle who was also going to help us with the Eucharistic Crusaders. This time, we did have time (and then some) for breakfast. I had a meat-lovers omelette which was scrumptious!! We were treated by Jozef. (Thank you very much, Jozef!!) When we got back to campus, we STILL had quite a bit of time to spare before Holy Communion would be over (our cue to take the Crusaders outside), so we hung out in the computer lab for awhile. At last, it was time (about noon)... We led the kids outside and arranged them in lines, four abreast. It was quite a task trying to keep them in that formation through the Procession! We were in the very front. Benediction was at the Varnados' house and then again at the college building. It took quite a while for all the faithful (there HAD to have been thousands there!) to get all the way back in the Auditorium for the conclusion of the Procession. It was really an impressive turnout. ....Must've been the promise of subsequent coffee and doughnuts! :P ....j/k! :D The rest of the afternoon was fairly relaxed. Rose and I hung out in my room and did some homework and some talking. ;) Shortly before sunset, we went out to campus to shoot some proofs for her senior pictures. There was really only one that turned out really well, because of the low lighting. I really like it! How about you? ....Dinner and a little more homework followed. Right at 9 pm, I got a "Restricted" call on my cell phone. Wondering who it could be, I answered it. I was SO pleasantly surprised to hear a dear and familiar accent on the other end!! It was my very good friend Adele calling from Hawaii where she is nannying!!! It had been months since we had talked on the phone and it was just incredibly good to get to talk to her again!!!!! We talked for about 90 minutes and probably would've talked a lot longer but she had to go. (It's probably a good thing, or I might not have gotten to bed at all! :P) That was just amazing and lovely. :D I knew that she was planning on calling but I didn't know when and I wasn't expecting it. *sigh* Very nice ending to the day. :)

Today was the start of yet another week. Time sure is relentless, isn't it?? In Physical Science, we boiled water until it froze. :D (I love the look most people give you when they hear that! :) But it's true! We really did! :D) They're all watching intently... (well, I guess all but Will ;)). There was no Latin test this Monday, which was a very nice break! That's because we were reviewing for the mid-term that is this Thursday. Our History mid-term is Friday, so I did some studying for that too. Nothing too exciting about today. (Oh, except that I got a letter from Christine!!! :D) "Just another day in Paradise!"
Well.... I guess today is Halloween. But that doesn't mean much to me.
Tomorrow is the Feast of All Saints... and since I'm planning on going to the 6 am Mass and since this post is PLENTY long already (!!!) - how many of you made it this far anyway?! ;) - I'd best wrap it up and turn in!

Thanks for reading!! :D I'll be back next month! :)

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L. said...

I suppose I am your first November reader...12 minutes and counting...

AGH! TIME! Will I ever get over it? ;) Anyway, fantastic post.

The more I am away from small-town St Mary's, the more I realize how much you have...would have been stellar to see the procession!

I noticed Dad to be growing his winter coat - I mean, beard. ;) Wow! Seasons pass so quickly! TIME! ;)

God bless you, dear!


MrsDoc said...

That was a very interesting magazine -- er, I mean -- post, Monnie! The pictures were great, too. We really ARE so privileged here. Deo Gratias!

As Linds said, time just goes so fast. I'm glad you are recording some of these things because they will be downstream in NO time.

Let's be generous for those Poor Souls! In Christo Rege!

Will said...

sheesh, it looks like im about to sneeze or something....i dont know what i was doing!