Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Catch-Up Time!!

Hello, hello!

I am finally taking the time to sit down and relate the events of the past several days!

The second square dance of the school year was on Friday evening. I was picked up about 6:50... Nick was my 'date.' :) The evening was a lot of fun - after all, how can a dance not be?!? ;) Square dances are wholesome entertainment and fantastic exercise!! I was asked for all but one of the nine dances :D that makes five square dances, a waltz, a polka and the Virginia Reel. One of my favorite things is the Grand Square. It's so cool how it works!!
Everyone was in very good spirits after the dance was over and there was some scuffling with a cooler of icy water and all such fun pranks. :P A couple of people got doused but it didn't dampen their moods. :D

Saturday was yet another gorgeous autumn day!! Rose, Adam, Christa and I went bowling in the late afternoon. We bowled four games each - except Rose who sat out the last one. Nobody did too very well by their own standards, but we had a blast anyhow! There were lots of laughs all around... especially when it came to taking mpegs! ;)
After bowling, we went to the Food Court in the Mall to eat. Adam and Christa got Subway and Rose and I got Sbarro's... it was quite........ interesting ;) watch all the passers-by below us. :P Chris was befriended by a toddler who was playing hide-and-seek with her behind her chair. :D After this break for sustenance, we did some shopping in the Mall and succeeded in getting even sillier than we had been at the bowling alley! :O :P Yeah, we got pretty goofy.
Then, we stopped off at Walmart to pick up some things. We said our Rosary on the way home and went by the park for a very few minutes to enjoy the beautiful evening. Once again, we acted significantly younger than our ages. ;) I think it was good though - probably sort of a stress release. :D

After the 9 am Mass on Sunday, Rose and I went to the clinic, intending to stay only a short time. Over six hours later, we finally came home again! Mom had come down to get some necessary things done and, since we had our homework with us, it was easy to stay a long time. I wasn't home 20 minutes before it was time to leave again... this time for the cast party for "To Heaven through the Window" (RMP's latest production - a remake of the story of St. Gerard's life). Quite a number of people showed up and I think it's quite safe to say that they all enjoyed and appreciated the final product very much.
I reached home shortly before 9 and left again at 9:30 to take a moonlight walk in the beautiful weather. That ended the evening very well and I actually got to bed before midnight!!!!! :O :O ;)

Monday was fairly uneventful, relative to the weekend. :) Our house was (and is) in the process of being repainted. School went pretty much as usual... Physical Science, a Latin test and History. The evening went by fairly quickly. I had a rather important talk with a friend of mine. And I got to bed about midnight.

(This post says "Wednesday, October 19, 2005" but it still feels like Tuesday is "today" so....) Today was a busy day. Tuesdays are always long at school. We had a lab in Physical Science, a long Theology class, a typical Latin class and then lunch (when I had to go get school pictures taken. Oh joy. .... :P). I had a brief respite after lunch and then History and Ethics. At home, I visited with Mom and Rose and got a tad bit of homework done. After dinner, I went with Christa and Adam to a concert at K-State where we met up with a bunch of other (mostly college) people. :) I have no pictures from the concert because they didn't allow them :( ...but it was good. I thought the end got a little long, but the half before intermission was really good!
After the concert, we went by Walmart and then headed home. Hilary is spending the night tonight because her mom is out of town...

Tomorrow, I only have one class - Liturgy. In the afternoon and evening, however, we have the first off-script rehearsal. It will be a complete run-through. Hopefully, it goes well. I know almost all my lines..... I think! :P ...(yes, I do)...

This weekend is the pilgrimage to Starkenburg. Plans are STILL being ironed out for that! Hopefully, it will all fall into place in time. ;) That will probably take up the whole weekend so... that's all for now! I'll be back when there is further news to relate or whenever I have time (ha!). :) Thank you for reading and go ahead and comment! ;)


MrsDoc said...

Did you notice that the picture of the "fall leaf" was at the bottom of the paragraph in which you said you hoped the plans would "fall into place"? Cute!

Christalin said...

Monnie,another great post,as usual!!! I love how you put in the pictures with the text! Keep it up!! :)