Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Back Soon!

Hello, all!!

I think there are a least a couple of you out there who are waiting for the promised update on the weekend....... it's coming! :) I have been REALLY busy lately (they are ALL matters of life and death; I assure you! :P) but I hope to get back to the blog soon and update you all. So brace yourselves for a looooooong post. ;) Don't worry - it'll have pictures. :D

Now that I've got all that to live up to, I'd better stop while I'm ahead (always assuming that I am)!! Thanks for checking the blog and please come back soon. :)

Oh, and by the way, this is a picture of a wolf-dog that has been impounded by the city because of complaints (ALLEGEDLY, it ate a chihuahua at the trailer court where it was being kept)..... pretty cool to have a wolf in the pound anyhow! :P And would you believe that it's less than a year old?? :O


not a local said...

beautiful animal!!

MrsDoc said...

He is so pretty! Could you include one of those pictures that has a point of reference in it to show how BIG he really is? Maybe we will have to go out for a photo shoot, ourselves! (Unless he has already been "adopted")