Sunday, October 09, 2005


Saturday was a good day, thanks be to God, as it followed on the heels of a very long, hard week.

Having gone to bed at 2, I slept until 8:30 and woke up in a very good mood (who knows why! ;))... it was down to the clinic for a shower and then home again. Mom and Joey went to Topeka for Joey's guitar lesson and after getting Dad lunch, I went with Rose to the clinic to do laundry. That was quite a hilarious experience!! Rose and I got goofy (musta been the mike'n'ikes, as well as the ever-present camera).... and that's always dangerous. :D Eventually, however, we buckled down and got homework started while the wash was going. Later in the afternoon, we went over to campus so Rose could go to the library and I could put some books away in my locker. Then, we went out into the woods behind the school and I shot some more proofs for Rose's senior pictures. When we went back by the clinic, we found that it had been locked in our absence and we didn't have a key!! So we drove back home and got the key from Mom, grabbed a couple of bbq chicken wings to eat, and left again. Adam had asked me if I was interested in going bowling so when we got back to the clinic, I belatedly called him back and said yes, I was interested. He picked me up 15 minutes later and we left Rose to her own devices. ;)

We arrived at Gage Bowl about 6:15, to find everyone well under way in playing. There was one reserved lane left so Adam and I got that one. There were about a dozen people there and I think everyone played four games each (except Michelle who spectated ;)) My scores were all over the place but I had fun! :D It's AMAZING how quickly a game goes when it's only two people!!!! Wow. So, about 8 o'clock, we left to go eat someplace. We got to Ruby Tuesday's only to find that there would be a 45 minute wait for a party of twelve. So everybody piled back into the cars and headed over to Steak'n'Shake. It took a while to get served (I guess because it was a big table) but the company was good so I - for one - didn't mind waiting. (My stomach disagreed with me slightly on that point. ;)) After a satisfactory meal, we paid and took our various vehicles home. I was glad to get a Rosary in on the way back. Adam dropped me off at the clinic, when we discovered that Rose and Joey were STILL down there!! :O ;) We were there for another couple of hours and got home some time after midnight. Lugging all that laundry in was.... *whew!!*

In overview, the day was REALLY good!!! (No particularly special reason why it should've been; it just was.) I woke up in a good mood, the weather was FABULOUS!, my afternoon was enjoyable and I had a very nice evening. *Aaahhh* I enjoyed the good day while it lasted. :D


Rosalie said...

Hi Monnie!
That's a nice post! :) I really like the way you intersprinkle the pictures among the text -- it's so professional-looking!!
Oh, and thanks soooo much (ha) for putting the beeeeautiful pix of me on there!! J/k... I hope everyone is enjoying looking at them!!! :P ;)
Well, good job synopsizing.... the week-end seemed like it went on forever to me, but I LOVED the feeling!!! :)
Anyway, bye!

Christalin said...

*sigh* I missed it again!!! :)I am glad that you had fun!!!

Joseph Carroll said...

Man that girl possing is cute! j/k ;-) NVM Keep up the posting MO. :D