Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday Observations

If yesterday was "Blue Monday," today was DEFINITELY "Blue Tuesday" ...... at least as far as apparel goes. :) I looked around the classroom during Latin today and noticed that out of the dozen or so guys that are in the class, only two were NOT wearing blue shirts!! Then I glanced around the girls' side and there was quite a lot of blue over there too! I think it was mostly coincidental. Or maybe I just missed that memo. :P

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then, today at lunch, I went to close a window that was allowing the wind to blow stuff everywhere ...... when I pushed it down, the top part of the window fell out of the frame and smacked me on the head!!! :O I just kinda stood there, dazed. After making a smart remark, John came over and put the window back. But that was ...........interesting. I thought it was rather uncalled for on the window's part. ;)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The kids were horrible tonight at work!!! But I think it was because they were tired. They were all in bed by 7 pm.
...Adam and Christa came out to "visit the imprisoned" again. My goodness!!! I was laughing so hard at some points that my stomach was absolutely aching!!! It was soooo nice of them to come out and keep me company (thank you, both! :D). It's really awful how quickly time passes with friends and how slowly it passes in a house by yourself! :/

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's all the observing I have for right now.
The End. :)


MrsDoc said...

Did you notice, also, Dad was wearing a blue shirt? He must've gotten the memo.
I love the quote from St. Therese. Happy Feast Day again!

L. said...

I saw a lot of blue yesterday too! It's a common shirt color at St. Vincent's, as well. ;)

Rosalie said...

I always see a lot of blue. :(

L. said...

Through blue-colored eyes?

Rose-colored glasses for Blue Rosalie...

Adam said...

who was the cause of that stomache ache?? sorry!!! if that's the way we make you feel then we won't come anymore!!:D JK!!!

Monnie said...

:O You'd better be just kidding!! ;) It was a good sort of stomach ache. :P