Saturday, October 08, 2005


What a day.

After getting to bed in the wee hours of Friday morning, I awoke at 6:30 to study some more for a couple big and scary tests I had in the afternoon. Sadly, I was HARDLY in the frame of mind to study but I did force myself to (try to) absorb several pages of Ethics notes. (Oh, and of course, the printer was acting up so I couldn't print the outline we were supposed to turn in. :/)
At school, we had a fun Physical Science class (how can that class be anything BUT fun?? :P) and then I had a free hour in which I attempted further study and missed an opportunity to go on a walk with Adam and Christa. :( C'est la vie. Theology followed and then Spiritual Conference and an announcement by Dr. Berfanger about the Board of Regents' visit this coming Friday.
Lunch provided a nice break from study and books. The following free hour was not as fruitful as it could have been.... I went into my History quiz feeling just about as prepared for it as someone in an overcoat and gloves is prepared for swimming. ;) Horrible feeling, indeed. Thanks be to the Holy Ghost and the prayers of friends and family, though... I knew at least something about every question on the quiz and wrote up until the bell rang. Immediately following this stressful quiz was a stressful test in Ethics. Both tests required massive amounts of memorization...... and with them back-to-back, there was no real way to be prepared for both. So I was prepared for neither. :/ Ethics wasn't fantastic but it wasn't a total bomb either.... I'm sure, thanks also to prayers!!
We'll see how those go........

After school, there was the bad news that the plumbing people hadn't come today after all.... so it will be Monday before we have water again. :( Dad announced "survival mode" for the duration of the weekend. ;) And then it was off to work. I was very happy to have Rose come along with me!! (Thank you, Rose!!) She was a GREAT help in getting the kitchen cleaned up and I could not have gotten the kids to clean their room without her. (Many thanks!!!) About 7 o'clock, Christa and Adam came over. The kids took turns going from person to person (generally avoiding Adam, since he's still a stranger to them :P). They got all wound up and silly and then it was bedtime! Rose sang them songs and they - for once! - stayed in bed!! :D The keyboard serenaded Adelaide to slumber and then the party really started!!!! J/K!!!!!! :P We very quietly got out chips and salsa (not very quiet, that) and had a bit of a snack (for some of us, that was dinner). Then we just hung out and looked at poetry and pictures. :) Adam and Chris left at 10 and for the succeeding 2+ hours, Rose and I alternately whispered to each other and dozed off. ;) We got home some time after midnight......... and here I am! :)

It has been a pretty long day, but has turned out better than I probably would have predicted. :)
More later, as always. :D Good night!!!!


MrsDoc said...

Those photos are so homey! Nice to see.
Thank the good Lord for help from our good friends! God bless them!

Christalin said...

The post is great,but I really like the pictures!!! Like your mom said,they are so homey....I love that look. Keep us all informed! :)