Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wednesday... Thursday

Yesterday, I actually didn't have ANY classes!!!! Fr. Harber had moved Liturgy to Tuesday afternoon, so even though I had a killer Tuesday, I had an easy Wednesday. :D I went up to the college anyway and did some studying...
In the afternoon, I had play practice for three and a half hours... *whew* ...but I got some good pictures (thanks also to Marianne and Sarah). To see some of the photos, click HERE.
When I got home, I started making the dough for pizza crust. Adam and Christa and Frankie came over to eat (I had promised them that if I had the time to make pizza, they'd be invited :)) and we had an enjoyable, but too short, evening. Fr. Harber also came over for about an hour and a half, but mostly talked with Mom and Dad...
Some pictures:
(We let her pose with it. ;) .......j/k)

Now that is beautiful. *pats self on back* :P Luckily, it actually tasted as good as it looked. :)
The "postage stamp" pizza! ;) (Neither wanted to take the blame for it. :P)

Just hanging out. :)

Today, I had four classes - three in the morning and one in the afternoon. I babysat from 6:30 to 9:30. Straight-forward-kind-of day. Except for the fact that we still don't have tap water (for those of you who knew about that) and we're running short on drinking water. Oh, also... our house is going to be repainted this fall, so they blasted it today to prepare for the new color.
The sunrise this morning was fabulous!!!!! Chilly. But fabulous.


L. said...

Wow... you post at 10:58, and I happen to check at that's sisterhood.

Oh, yes, and I suppose...
awesome post, awesome pics...
as usual! ;)

Monnie said...

Wow. Telepathy at work here! ;)

Christalin said...

Again,thank you for a lovely evening!!! You are all so much fun!!! I look forward to the next event!!! :D