Friday, October 21, 2005

Looking Ahead

This weekend is the pilgrimage to Starkenburg (or as someone accidentally put it: Spartenburg!! :P)... that means that after Joey's Knights meeting today (being secretary, he can't miss it), we'll set out for Missouri. It's about a five hour drive but hopefully we won't get in much later than 10:30 or so.
Tomorrow, we'll walk the twelve miles to the Shrine, scattered among the Knights, Children of Mary, and College chapters. I hope I'm up to it!! :/ Mass will follow at the end. God willing, the weather will be good. There is a campfire or bonfire of some sort planned. It was really small last year but still fun. It would be nice to have this year too.
We'll be spending Saturday night there as well, so that we may go to Sunday Mass at the Shrine. I imagine we'll be arriving back in the late afternoon or early evening. Not much left to the weekend after that! ;)

Before the weekend though, I've got a History quiz to take and after the weekend, a Physical Science test and lab. Always something to do! I can't wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas... or 'til exams are over!! .......Well, yeah, maybe I can.... but anyway.....


L. said...

Isn't it hard to believe it's almost the end of October?!

Take every step your right leg takes, and offer it up for me! ;) J/k - do wish I could go. :-/

You're in my prayers!

MrsDoc said...

I have First Aid supplies; maybe I should pack a stretcher just in case??!!
Isn't that SPARTANburg? Very fitting mistake!
God bless all those who are with us in spirit and all their intentions!
Ave Maria!