Monday, November 07, 2005

Another Weekend Under the Ol' Belt

Goodness! Can it be?! Another weekend (and thus, week as well) gone already?! You must be joking... but no. You're right. Time goes ever on.

Now, to tell you about my weekend... but first I must explain that the reason I seem to only talk about the weekends in my posts is that..... well, I guess that'd be pretty obvious! :) My weekdays fall into a very synonymous pattern (can "synonymous" be used in that sense?)... similar day after day. Not too exciting and very repetitive! But my weekends afford a little interest to my life ;) (...I'm exaggerating - I really don't find life as boring as it sounds! :D)......... so on to my weekend, for all interested readers! :)

Friday night was uneventful. (...Wups... did I just say my weekends were more colorful than my weekdays?!) I cleaned in my room and talked with Rose for awhile. There was something else about Friday, but I can't remember now. I don't think it was the History mid-term that I'm thinking of, although that was Friday too.... oh well.... whatever.

Saturday morning, I cleaned my room, beat the carpet and vacuumed. Then it was off to play practice at noon. We had a complete run-through of the play, which was really good - I lose perspective sometimes when we only practice little parts at a time. The play is really starting to come together (it's a good thing! ....after all, opening night is in less than two weeks!) and that's exciting. We've got some really good actors and actresses on our hands. :) Ben is like another Kenneth Branaugh!! He's fantastic!! Actually, all four main characters are REALLY AWESOME.
Anyhow, I got home from rehearsal about 4 o'clock. Rose and I worked on homework for a couple of hours - until dinner time. Right after dinner, I was off to babysit. I babysat six kids (ages one to ten)... the best-behaved kids I've ever babysat!!! They were amazing - a real joy to watch! I got some homework done after they went to bed and got home about 11:40, to go to bed myself a little after midnight...

Sunday morning, Rose woke me dark and EARLY - 5:30. (Felt especially early after the post-midnight bedtime. :/) Mom, Rose, Joey and I went to the 6 o'clock Mass after which Mom, Rose and I left for Kansas City for a choir practice for Anna's wedding which is on the 19th of this month. (*gasp for breath*) The practice went pretty well (what I heard of it ;)) and provided me with an opportunity to write a letter that I owed to a friend in NY. Afterwards, we left to eat brunch with Lindsey at Waid's (the KC crowd's regular hang-out)... on the way there, we briefly saw a VERY old friend (well... he's not actually OLD... we just go waaaaayyyyy back) whom we haven't been in touch with for the past 4 or 5 years. We couldn't talk long, since we were at the stop sign with cars behind us, but it was nice to see him again!
Brunch was really good! (Waid's' food always is.) After dropping Linds off at her car, we headed home. We stopped in Topeka for a few necessary items and arrived home, in one piece but very tired, at 4 pm. Before dinner (which was grilled outside... yummy!!), I made chocolate chip cookies for a very close friend of mine. While I was making them, I talked to Dave on the phone so I had to promise to give him some too. ;) He told me he'd call and let me know when they were leaving for the cemetery to say Rosary there and I could meet them. ....Well, he forgot and called me about 7:15 to let me know that he had only remembered during the 5th decade!! I threatened to withhold his cookies, :P but he sounded so contrite I couldn't do it. ;) (So I gave them to him today.) After packaging up a box to send to aforesaid-close-friend, I started watching a movie with Mom. We didn't finish it, but plan to... however, lunch making and other various things interrupted it.
*interjection* I just remembered what else about Friday night! Rose and I got REALLY wacko (as she'd say :)) after dinner. Details shall not be here disclosed. Suffice it to say, we had to let off some steam and did so unabashedly! :P We wanted to take a walk with Nick and Dave but by the time we got ahold of Dave, it was kinda late. So we satisfied ourselves with various activities in the basement. :D
...back to the regularly scheduled program... ;)
Sunday night, I got to bed 'bout 11:30. (I don't know why I give all these gory details!)

This morning was a Monday morning. (I guess that's sorta obvious. :D) The weekend had come to an end and the ordinary life began again. ;) It was a beautiful day, especially for November!!! Dr. Strong was nice and didn't give us a quiz in Physical Science today - instead, we answered some of the questions aloud in class. Tomorrow, we have a lab on specific heat. We got our Latin mid-terms back in that class. I did pretty well... one very thoughtless mistake cost me the "100" I probably would've gotten otherwise. Grrrr.... that'll teach me to be confident! :/
Lunch... free hour... History... free hour... end of the school day.
After school, I went to Froggy's with Jozef to study Theology for the impending test... err... celebration of knowledge! :P At 7, we left and joined with Dave, James Hoffman, Nick, Sarah Brown and Mariann to walk up to the cemetery for Rosary. Dave did remember to call me tonight, but there was no need to as I was already there! ;) The night was illuminated by a half-moon and we said the Rosary at Sean's grave. Back at the college, I sat on the steps and talked with Sarah (and later Mariann also). That was nice... since she's a first-year and I'm a second-year, we don't actually have much opportunity to talk during the school day. We talked for about 45 minutes and then I finally pried myself away :P and came home.

You're probably thinking, "Good grief! How she rambles on!" Well, I have good news!! :D ...I'm done now!!! :) least for the time being.
That brings you up to date and it also brings me up to bed-time! ;)
....I'm hoping to get my History mid-term back tomorrow.... Tuesdays are long days as far as the number of classes goes, but they generally go quickly.
Tata for now~
Until the next time,
I remain
~ ~ ~ ~


L. said...

Ironically, that was the best post yet.

The only one, (dare I say), of which I have read every word. The white-on-black does a severe number on my eyes. :-/

Monnie said...

Well, I'm glad you liked the post! :D

I have just made the text bigger to hopefully help out on the old eyes... I have no idea why it has recently started making everything but the latest post really tiny. I wish it wouldn't. :/

Christalin said...

A great post,Monnie! Looks as if I wasn't the only one who's weekend flew by too quickly!! :P

MrsDoc said...

AWESOME - thanks for letting me read your journal!! Very well-written!

I must agree with Linds - the white on black is nice until you get away from it and then there are little lines running across everything you look at!
I do like the bigger text for old eyes.

Here we are at midweek, awaiting the next post! Slow down, Time!!