Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So What Have I Been Up To?

I said that I have been busy, right? Right. So now I'm out to give you detailed proof of it. ;)

My last "real" post (i.e. about news) brought you up to Sunday, November 20.
The Monday after that, we had a Latin test... and I got a History quiz back which was a 98 - my highest History quiz grade yet!! (Current goal: 100% ;)) I don't really remember much else about the school day itself. I think I spent the evening studying.
Tuesday, then, I went to 6 o'clock Mass because we had Ethics at 7:30 in the morning instead of last hour. That was odd feeling. We had a Physical Science test (which I got a 94 on), then Theology, then Latin, then lunch. For lunch, I went with a group of friends (about 10 of us) to eat Chinese food in Wamego. That was really good and a nice break. The best fortune cookie message was, "As you slide down the bannister of life, may the splinters never point your way." :D ...We got back just before History which, naturally, was a very sleepy class because we were all full. :) Nonetheless, it was the last class of the day and then we were off for Thanksgiving break!!! That evening I began setting up my smugmug account.
Wednesday morning was the performance of "Antigone" for the high school students and various teachers and visitors. It was very strange getting into costume and stage makeup at 7:30 in the morning!! We were all a bit dissipated because of the early hour and because it was the day before Thanksgiving and everything... it didn't help that our audience was badly behaved. Many of them were happy to be there only because it meant getting out of their last day of classes. Regardless, we did the best we could and afterwards held a half-hour interview sort of conference to help the students better understand the play. That was kind of neat, actually... although I think we got more out of it than they did! :D After the play, Dave and Nick left for Texas and most of the rest of the cast and crew went to Topeka. A party of 30 ate at On the Border and then we bowled for a couple of hours. Immediately upon arrival home (about 6:15 pm), Adele called from Hawaii and I got to talk to her for nearly an hour and a half! That was really, really nice!! The rest of the evening was spent with the family, watching parts of different movies.
I slept in on Thanksgiving, then helped chop vegetables and make pies for the big dinner. When things were under control, I started some laundry and started my homework. The History paper I was working on was VERY slow going... quite frustrating. I did get a few pages written, though. Mom, Rose and I walked to the cemetery as a break. Dinner was mid-afternoon and yummmmmy!!! :D I worked on History for a couple more hours and then we had pie and watched "Much Ado About Nothing." :)
Friday, I slept in again, having gotten to bed late. Lindsey test drove a Monte Carlo at St. Mary's Auto Sales with Mom and then Mom, Rose and I left for Manhattan. In Manhattan, Mom and I got new, more reliable cell phones and we got a three-way plan with Dad who already had a phone of the same sort. Rose and Mom went to a fabric store while I moved contact information from my old phone to my new one. We then looked a number of places for face plates to tell our phones apart but nobody sold the ones we needed. We got home about 5:30 or 6. I took a shower and got ready for the square dance which started at 7. That was a lot of fun!!!! I was afraid that I wouldn't do much dancing, since most of my friends were out-of-state, but I actually got asked for every single dance! It was SO nice. :) Problem was: I was wearing dress shoes, so three hours later, I had developed some pretty good blisters! But hey! I'd rather have blisters and a good time than be a wall-flower and have unharmed feet!! :P That was my sixth square dance - and the third one this year. The next one will be the weekend after exams in January. :) ...Late to bed again...
Saturday morning, Mom, Rose and Joey went out to the woods to see if they could find the deer Joey shot (and searched unsuccessfully for) the night before... meanwhile, I talked with Jozef, Maddie and Dave online. Unfortunately, Mom, Rose and Joey never could find the deer though they looked for hours! :( ...when they got home, I made lunch and Linds was in the middle of trying to get all things settled to buy the Monte Carlo she had test driven!! She arrived home with it in the early afternoon and left for KC in it a little later. I did some more homework Saturday afternoon/evening.
Sunday, I had planned on going to the 6 (which everyone else did successfully), but didn't wake up until a quarter after (six). So I went to the 7:30. I worked on Ethics for 3 or 4 hours and wrote Brittany (rather, finished writing her an overdue letter). Mid-afternoon, I went with Rose to her rehearsal for the December 11 concert. That lasted longer than I thought it would and we got home a little after 5. We had hoped to see Maddie and Kitty while they were in town dropping the boys off after Thanksgiving, because we thought they'd be spending the night before going home again. Much to our dismay, they had left practically before we knew they were here!! :( So no go on that one... Dad made dinner Sunday night and then we had "Fr. Harber ice cream" which was good! Immediately afterwards, I left for Mary's house where she was having a party. We played cards and music and visited (there were lots of people there!) and I got home about 10 pm. And went to bed.
Yesterday - Monday - I went to 6 o'clock Mass, did some more schoolwork (you'd think I'd be caught up by now, but no!) and ate breakfast. At school, I had Physical Science, then studied Latin, wrote an overdue e-mail, took my Latin test, ate lunch, took an online Math test (another thing I'm behind on!), had History, worked on Theology, looked at Jozef's Thanksgiving pictures and then came home amidst wintry weather. Rose and I had a good conversation over homework last night and then I went to bed, because I wasn't feeling well.
This morning, I went to 6 o'clock Mass again, ate breakfast, did some History and did some catching up on online things (like this! :D)... Tuesdays are my long days at school so not a lot of free time today.

And that brings you up to date!! I'll try to upload some pictures soon, just as a pictorial overview. ;) Right now, however, it's time to get ready to leave for school. Thanks for reading - I tried to keep it as brief as possible! ;) - and please check back soon! :D


L. said...

Rah, Monnie, for 6am Mass!!!!!

MrsDoc said...

Keep up the good work, Monnie!
And take care of yourself so you get over that headcold pronto...

Sara Jane III said...

woot woot, I'm in a wierd mood. how wonderful of you to brave the early morning goblin. Sometimes he just won't let me out of bed!