Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh yes!

One MORE post - to make four today!

I just wanted to let my readers know a bit of follow-up to my previous post about the family in the Philippines who desperately needed money to survive. Having just had their fifth child and trying to do God's will, they are very badly off at the moment. I had asked people to please be generous in their donations. Really - even $3 or $5 is something. Just SOMETHING. Please... it's a work of mercy.

Money is definitely still needed, but I wanted to update anyone who was interested... a couple of days ago, the $120 mark was finally reached and so the first donation was able to be wired to this family in need. The timing was perfect. They had just used THE LAST of their money. They had nothing left and they were crying and praying, hoping to find some way to go on after that. It was that evening that the money was able to be sent to them. It is helping them go on, but more is still needed. The goal for November is $300.

Please, for the love of God, do what you can to help this Catholic family out. I can assure you that this isn't a scam - the money IS getting to them. It requires a little faith, but really - what do you have to lose if you donate only $5 or $10?! To donate, please click here.

God bless~


MrsDoc said...

Thanks for the update. I'm so glad they are getting help.

Prayers - Alms - Good Works

These make up for sins and are our way to heaven - so thank you for making this alms availabl! It is often hard to find someone in true need when you want to...

Anonymous said...

This is Ben, we got $30 more yesterday! Thank you so much for promoting this effort. It is so hard for us to imagine and relate to what they are going through. Even me, when the power goes out, or it gets hot in our home, or if the kids get sick, it's not a problem to take them to the doctor, or find some air conditioning.... go splurge on some fun if things get chaotic. But with them, they have no credit cards, no ATM card, no regular phone, no air conditioning... and the streets are full of crime and corruption. You can't trust anyone cause everyone around you is starving too! The Cruz family exist in condtions much like the people were forced into Louisiana by Katrina, but they have learned to deal with it, cause they have no choice. The Philippines is very far from the Catholic Country it used to be, even though it's still over 90% Catholic. It is very sad, and I just tell them to pray the Rosary, and we'll do what we can. Thanks again!