Sunday, November 13, 2005


Ay, ay, ay.... where to even start?!?! I feel like a very complicated person. More than one person offered me "a penny for your thoughts" this evening (I must've looked awfully preoccupied! ;)) ...the first time, I had a very difficult time just funneling my myriad thoughts into coherent speech... and before I could, we were interrupted. The second time, I did manage to speak what was on my mind, but before we had gotten very far in that conversation (one that was important to me), we were interrupted. It just wasn't my night! ;)

I was in a very melancholic mood tonight. Not depressed, but very pensive. I sat out in the beautiful night air for a couple of hours and did a lot of thinking... not even thinking in actual THOUGHTS so much as letting my mind drift and rest as it pleased. I couldn't tell you to save my life all the things my mind flitted over! It was so nice to just get out in the fresh air, away from some of the noise, and just ..... think. Beautiful.

I have become convinced that life is a most intricate thing. (I know, that's probably very fundamental and basic, but it takes me awhile to discover these things for myself! :D) Life is really such a gift, a great gift. But it can be DARNED confuzzling ;) at times!! So many characters and personalities to mesh together... so many variables... so many why's and and why not's that won't be answered until the hereafter.

I have recently come to appreciate more than words can express the security that being with old friends can give a person. I still don't feel wholly secure - I probably never will - but when you can confide in old friends, ask their advice and listen to their troubles, it's such a consolation... especially when you are in the ever-ongoing process of forming new friendships that haven't yet reached that stage of trust. You just notice it all the more. So I want to thank MOST heart-felt-fully any "olden-golden" friends who might be reading this for their loyalty and friendship. It means so very much.

...So many thoughts... so little time... that elusive time that ticks ever on. Too quickly when you are cherishing a moment or enjoying yourself and too slowly when at a disagreeable task. Ever-relentlessly on through the night. And so, although it would be easy to make this post last much longer, it must be truncated and published so that it's authoress might retire to bed. ;) She is in desperate need of her beauty sleep. :P
Forgive me if the above is very unorganized! That's the price to be paid in the post-midnight hours. ;)

For now, God bless and good night!!


L. said...

Between midnight and morning
A muse arrives
Full of genius, charm, and demise...
Vagrant sighs...
Sating your mind with thoughts so fine
It's hard to believe
It's not the wine.


Monnie said...


MJ said...

Hi Monnie - L has probably mentioned me at some point, and you've no doubt read my comments on her blog - but in any case, just wanted to let you know that many of us can relate to what you're feeling. :) At some point in our lives, we've all felt that way. =)

Happy blogging!