Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Beautiful November Day!!!

Today has been GORGEOUS!!!! Sorta windy, but the temperature has been glorious. My guess is mid-70's today, though the high might've reached 80. ON NOVEMBER 3!!!!!!!! :O :O

Yesterday was a really busy day. I went to the 9 am Masses... the three said for the Holy Souls, specially on that day. Immediately thereafter, I had Liturgy. From there, I came home for lunch and changed into painting clothes and went back up to the school to paint sets and rehearse for "Antigone." Dress rehearsal is two weeks from yesterday (and we'll have a small audience for it)!!! I made a trip to the cemetery and then came home for dinner and studying. Latin mid-term today and History mid-term tomorrow!! :/

Today, almost all of my spare time has been studying History (except for a little bit of Latin just before that test). I am home now, for the time being, but will be leaving again to group study. HOPEFULLY, that will go well. Sometimes, it's a really bad idea to group study. ;) Anyhow, I feel like I've put sufficient effort (and then some) into this test, so I'm not too, too worried. I don't think I'll ace it (after all, it's History), but I certainly don't feel like I'll go blank on anything.

Well..... that's all for now! Pretty boring post; sorry!


MrsDoc said...

I think Forbes Field had 79 today but we can call it 80 because it sure felt like it!
Please post if you hear any more about the family in need (in the Philippines)...
School news (Class news) may be boring to you, but not to ME! Thanks, Monnie!

L. said...

I blanked out on this post, Monnie. ;)

Call me a failure! ;)