Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Hello, all!

Just checking in briefly to relate the day's events. ;)

This morning, I walked to school for a change! That was pretty nice... outside of the facts that the wind was messing up my hair :P and that I was carrying a very heavy bookbag on one shoulder at a time. I made pretty good time and got to school in about 15 minutes. The sole class of the day was Liturgy... our mid-term in that class is a week from today.
After Liturgy, I found my History mid-term in my box. I had gotten an 88 - not the "90's" grade I thought I might've gotten but still a pretty good grade for that class.... AND I beat my 'rival' ;) by six percent!!! :D :P

Sarah gave me a ride home.... after lunch, we test drove a Lexus that's for sale. It was a NICE ride!!! :) I hung out a little bit, not doing much, and then I had to go to play practice. (Meanwhile, Rose was at her singing lesson and Dad and Joey had gone hunting.) I walked down to campus again... easier this time without the bookbag! ;)
Play practice went pretty well. There were some blocking changes - the week before performance!! :O - but they were all for the better. It was hard to stay in character today - so many funny things that I wanted to laugh at. Hopefully, the night of, everything will seem very real, so I won't have such a hard time! :) Our next practice is Saturday - a full run-through as exactly as possible. ...I walked home after practice and left again shortly thereafter to study Theology at Froggy's with Jozef. That time I drove. ;)

While I was at Froggy's, I got a call from Rose asking if I knew where Mariann was... Dad and Joey had shot a couple of deer and Rose was going with them and Mr. Cooney to help find them... she wanted to ask Mariann if she would be interested in helping out also. It took some doing to find the elusive Mariann, ;) but at last I caught up with her. She seemed happy to go and we left immediately for home. She and Rose, Joey and Dad left, picked up Cooney and went out to the woods. Mom and I went to the cemetery and said a Rosary in St. Anthony's honor to help them find the deer. Meanwhile, Mars was the first to spot the downed doe! Dad called us and we called Buzz (the butcher guy) and arranged for Dad to bring the carcass over once they found it.

About an hour later (~9:15), they arrived home. They had only found one of the does, but that was better than none!! ...Mars changed out of her borrowed hunting garb and we took her back to the school almost immediately because curfew was drawing near, and even nearer than that was the computer lab curfew - and she had left her homework in the lab! So we took her 'home' and when we got back, Dad had left to take the doe to Buzz'.
Not much else exciting took place... I guess that was enough activity for one day! ;)
And "so it goes." (As Fr. Harber likes to say. ;))

For now, goodnight! God willing, I will wake to see another day and then I'll let you know how that goes too. ;) Thanks for reading!

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Sara Jane III said...

Your dad looks so much like my uncle Paul, who is also a deer hunter. I'll be down there, on Wednesday, to see your performance. I expect perfection! *tries a stern face. it doesn't work*