Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Feast of the Church Suffering... and a Request for Help!!

This is the only day of the year in which the Poor Souls are given a feast day. All other days are reserved for the members of the Church Triumphant. Prayers for the suffering souls in Purgatory are especially effective today and in the octave following. Be zealous, then, and strive to save at least one soul!! They never forget the help they get from you and will return the favor if and when you should need it also.

But in today's post, I'd also like to ask your generosity for the Church Militant:
There is a Catholic family in the Philippines who have just had their fifth child. Because of the situation they are in, with the mother being out of work, they have next to no income at all. They are having a very difficult time just putting food on the table and have been obliged to start rationing the remainder of their food to make it last. A traditional Catholic family - close friends of theirs - have started a way to donate money to help them through these tough times. An excellent opportunity to practice Christian charity and you can be assured that the funds you donate WILL reach the family you intend them for!!
Please do something towards this. Surely all we Americans can spare a little to help someone who needs it much more than we do. It's the month of November - the month of the Holy Souls. Even if we have our debts and such, can we not spare a few dollars and give up that rented movie, that cappucino, that pack of cigarettes... that luxury, whatever it may be...?
A single American dollar goes as far in the Philippines as ten would here in the States. Please do what you can to help a fellow member in the Mystical Body of Christ! The goal for November is $300 for this family. To donate using Paypal or a credit card, please click here!! (I don't know of any other way currently being used to get the money to them.) THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I'm sure it qualifies as a corporal work of mercy, not to mention the graces received from such an act of generosity and the prayers of these children that you will surely get in return!
In addition to financial aid (or if you truly can't afford anything), please keep this family in your prayers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


L. said...

Oh my!

Well, my prayers for all...

When, by the prayers of Church Militant the Church Suffering becomes the Church Triumphant, the Church Suffering can only help the Church Militant, so ...

The Holy Souls can help this family! By our prayers ... Faith of a mustard seed...

Thanks, Monnie.

Monnie said...

I know it's easy to be skeptical of these things when they're on the internet - BECAUSE they're on the internet! - but I can assure you that the money you donate WILL reach the family that needs it. A very good friend of mine is involved and it can be trusted. Please be generous!