Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I know I've already posted twice today, but while I've got the time I thought I'd post again. :D

Today was a long day (...as predicted). It was nice weather but for some reason, things just didn't move along very quickly. It probably had something to do with the fact that I was tired. I had Physical Science (two hour lab), Theology, Latin, History, and Ethics. The good news of the day was that Thursday will be a light day... only 2 classes instead of the usual 4, thanks to the priests' monthly day of recollection! :) After school, I took pictures of the sunset (about 5:10). It was pretty neat tonight... A little later, I went with Dad to take the van to L&L for a tune-up and to fix the right rearview mirror which fell out a week ago. We dropped the 'white apple' ;) off.... hopefully it won't be too long before my ride is back. ;)
Dinner was a crock-pot roast and a new veggie casserole of sorts - it wasn't bad! :) After dinner, I walked
down to the cemetery and said the Rosary with a group of the college students, around Sean's grave. Sarah and Mariann came back up to the house with me where we gathered Rose and Joey and headed to Wamego for ice cream. :D (Yeah, ice cream in November. Sounds crazy. ;)) Rose had gotten a free McFlurry coupon so we redeemed that at McDonald's and then went over to Sonic where the rest of us got ice cream. :) That was very enjoyable! We got back about 9 o'clock, dropped them off at the college, then went by the clinic briefly for Rose to do some photocopying and finally home.

Another day in the life... ;)

.......Here is one of my sunset pictures... the leafless trees give it a rather desolate look, don't they??


MrsDoc said...

That is gorgeous!
Did you crop out the salvage yard? :)

Monnie said...

Just took the picture above the fence line. ;)