Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hello, all!

Just a quick post here - I didn't want the blog to go too many days without an update. ;)
Friday night was opening night of this semester's play, the Greek tragedy "Antigone" by Sophocles. It went pretty well, although the turnout could've been better. Mom and Rose were planning to come, but there was a last minute choir practice in Kansas City that Rose had to go to... I think everyone who was there (at the play) really liked it. I'll be posting pictures from it as soon as I get the chance... After the play, we had birthday cake for Christa who was turning 21 and then a group of us went over to Tully's and had pizza and pop until the boarders had to leave because of dorm curfew. :) Joey and I stayed up until amost two in the morning (!), talking and looking at pictures and stuff like that.
Saturday morning, Rose, Mom and I left for Kansas City at 7 am... we went to Andy and Anna's wedding, preceded by a choir practice for Rose and Lindsey and succeeded by speedy preparations for the reception that followed immediately. (Since Anna was Lindsey's roommate - up until now! ;) - Linds had a big part in the prep work, so we helped as well.) We had to leave as soon as the bride and groom got there though, because I had to be back in McCabe by 5 o'clock... so back we came.
Rose and Joey came with me to the theater at 5. They were kind enough to take pictures and video-tape during the performance which - if I dare say so myself - was REALLY good!!!! There was a little bigger of an audience than Friday night and the play went very well! (If I am able to get some mpegs from it uploaded, I'll post a link.) I was VERY happy with the way the play went (at least my performance - I was able to really get into the character last night - even if I am "just" a chorus member)!
Mom couldn't be there because Dad had shot a doe!! :D (Eventful day!) It was earlier to bed last night than the night before. ;)
I went to 7:30 Mass this morning and have to be back up at the theater in about two and a half hours, so I'm gonna go now and try to use this time to squeeze some homework in! :)

Take care, everybody!

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Sara Jane III said...

Whoa, busy. I'll be there tomorrow night! yay!!!!